One of the fundamental USPs of digital marketing is the accountability and abundance of data that is available for analysis and interpretation. This helps you as a digital marketer make informed decisions about your tests and pilot studies. In turn you can optimise your campaigns and improve the return on investment (ROI).

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But it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the volume of raw information available and prioritise what is actually necessary to make informed business decisions. This is where we can help you.

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We have many year’s experience of website data analysis using a variety of leading website data analytics packages including: Google Analytics, WebTrends, DeepMetrics, LiveStats, RedEye and Hitwise.

We can guide you through the sea of analytical metrics including: hits, page views, unique and repeat visitors sessions, time on site, referring sites, browser types, connection speeds, screen resolutions, operating systems, geographic locations, downloads and many others. We’ll help you extract the pertinent information to determine which parts of your website are more effective, which parts receive little or no traffic and which content you should capitalise on and expand.

Tags or Log Files?

A major decision that guides which system you use and the type of data you can extract from your website is the method of data collection. There are essentially two methods, the first being website log files which are located on the web server (used by analysis packages including WebTrends) and the second is page tagging (used by analysis packages including Google Analytics) which is based on JavaScript and far more popular. Choosing between which analytics method is something we can help you to decide. Both methods have their merits in terms of cost-effectiveness, data accuracy etc.

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Whichever method of data collection or whichever analytical system you choose to interpret your data, you can rely on our assistance and guidance in helping you and your customers to get the best out of your website.