All good marketing campaigns start with a plan — a well thought out and properly prepared plan. With a comprehensive plan you’ll be going into your campaign implementation with realistic expectations and the information you need to determine the success or failure of that campaign. We have many year’s experience planning digital marketing campaigns as well as putting those plans into action.

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Using a variety of techniques, tools and methodologies we will work with you to develop a digital marketing campaign plan to meet your specific requirements. This can be delivered as a stand-alone document for internal fulfilment or we can implement any part of the plan for you.

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Phases of the Plan

In the first phase we examine where you are now, including an assessment of your current position and performance in your market space. Questions such as ‘what is the purchase or procurement process and lifecycle for your products/services’, ‘how are you performing in comparison to your competitors on organic and paid search analysis’, ‘what are your unique selling propositions’ and ‘what are your current KPIs’ will be assessed.

Setting Objectives

With an understanding of your current position we can help you plan your objectives (where you want to be). Do you have a specific sales target you want to achieve? Do you want to increase market share in a specific sector by a given amount? Do you want to increase leads/inbound enquiries? When we understand this, we can assess the feasibility of these requirements and set goals and milestones for realising your objectives.

Defining Tactics

During this planning phase we will prepare short, medium and long-term goals and deliverables to ensure you hit the ground running then maintain the momentum. We will also identify campaign dependencies that can be addressed. The tactics phase addresses the individual channels to be used (such as email marketing or PPC for example) in your digital marketing campaign and we will propose in detail the use of each channel, a preliminary budget allocation and some initial response forecasting (if possible). The necessary steps to be taken to put the proposed tactics into operation form the actions phase of the campaign plan. This is where we identify the work packages to be completed for campaign implementation, including Gantt charting and timelines if required.

Measuring Data

One of the key benefits of digital marketing is the abundance of data that is produced by all digital channel marketing activity. How will you measure the success or failure of your digital marketing campaign? Have you established KPIs to use for this? Do you have the necessary tools to collect and carry out the data analysis? Using platforms including Google Analytics and Google Data Studio we will create custom reports and interactive dashboards that highlight the important metrics to refine future campaigns and improve on performance.

Together we will work with you to deliver tailored digital marketing and campaign planning to maximise your online potential – contact us to discuss your requirements.