Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

Chrome has been our desktop browser of choice for a number of years. This is down to the Developer Tools functionality and the wide variety of extensions that have been developed to extend the capability of the browser. There are some excellent Chrome extensions for digital marketing to help you with your SEO and page development tasks and we’ll look at some of our favourites below.

Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

SEO Extensions

  • Google Lighthouse – a great assessment tool providing detailed insights on your page’s performance, accessibility, best practice adherence and SEO with suggestions on corrective action to improve
  • SEO Analysis by Woorank – assesses a wide variety of on-page and indexing metrics with clear advice on optimisation
  • SEOQuake – a comprehensive assessment of page info including keyword density information and an SEO audit
  • Mozbar – provides page authority and domain authority, highlight keywords, shows links by type and HTTP status and lots more

Development Extensions

  • Mobile Browser Emulator – varying mobile device size browers windows to check responsiveness
  • Web Developer – allows you to quickly disable cookies, JavaScript, CSS and images in order to check how pages function without those assets
  • Analyse Page Performance – provides information on load speed broken down by a number of metrics with good explanations of each metric

Analytics Extensions

  • Tag Assistant (by Google) – shows which tags are firing on a page to help you debug any issues


  • Web Archives – checks a number of search caches to confirm if your site is archived and which version
  • Fatrank – keyword checker by country to see how you rank for a particular term

Used alongside applications like Screaming Frog and other browser-based testing tools these Chrome extensions for digital marketing are a great addition to your SEO and digital marketing toolkit. They help you make changes to content and code directly in your CMS with advice and recommendations to improve performance.