Collaboration with Trello

Keeping stakeholders updated on progress with campaign planning, development and performance can be challenging. However, collaboration with Trello makes it a lot easier to show your tasks and their status throughout a project.


We like the visual simplicity of the Trello board because of how easily you can add, edit and move cards. The excellent user experience has its roots in a technique called Kanban (which translates in Japanese as sign/board). Kanban was developed by Toyota as a way of helping their workers visualise tasks and production requirements. This ensured that overproduction didn’t happen and bottlenecks could be easily identified.

In Trello cards represent work packages/tasks and they move through stages from left to right towards completion. To prevent bottlenecks from happening limits can be set as to a maximum number of cards in a group. Therefore, this forces progress because you need to free up capacity for new tasks to enter that phase.

Benefits of Trello

We like working with Trello and the benefits that this tool has to offer. For instance:

  • You can have a separate boards for each project and therefore better targeting of tasks and stakeholder members
  • Task cards can be quickly developed and you can add lists and schedules to them
  • It is easy to drag & drop cards from one category to another to see progress
  • The ability to invite clients to view boards to observe or participate in the board
  • Email alert/watch facility to show when specific actions have been taken
  • The comment facility give you the opportunity to raise questions or clarify issues
  • There is a great mobile app
  • In addition to all of that Trello is free and the cost of power-ups is reasonable

Using Trello for PPC Planning

When we are managing a PPC campaign we would use Trello to track the progress of the following tasks. We would invite the client to access the board to collaborate or just observe progress of tasks for example:

  • Account set-up/configuration
  • Keyword selection research
  • Ad copy authoring status
  • Campaign/Ag Group structure
  • Monthly budget confirmation
  • Conversion tracking implementation
  • Day parting preference
  • Audience targeting
  • Confirm campaign KPIs
  • Agree reporting structure/dashboard
  • Set reporting frequency

There are many tools that aid digital marketing collaboration. In conclusion, we choose Trello because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Collaboration with Trello gives good visibility and therefore clear accountability to stakeholders.