With many year’s experience delivering effective digital marketing, we can tailor a bespoke solution to meet your business requirements. From sole-traders looking to take their first steps online with a simple brochureware website to major brands with complex needs for multi-channel digital marketing, contact us to see how we can help you realise your online potential.

For a no-obligation discussion about your requirements and how we can help, contact us at: enquiries (at)

Whether you need to outsource digital channel marketing or simply require another set of eyes on your existing plans – we can help. We can manage email marketing campaigns, paid search PPC campaigns, SEO and affiliate marketing.

We are experienced with the Google SEO and Analytics ecosystem of platforms including Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Google Ads and Google Data Studio. We can set-up tracking and tagging for you and develop custom reports and dashboards to meet the needs of specific stakeholder groups including content managers, marketing teams as well as technical teams. We can help you test and learn using Google Optimize to improve visitor UX with A/B and multivariate tests.

We can develop digital marketing campaign plans based on cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and target return on investment (ROI) levels. We will work with your team to ascertain current and previous performance metrics to create a draft plan to secure budget and then work with you to support campaign development or manage the channel execution on your behalf. This includes managing Google Ads campaigns, running email broadcasting campaigns or setting up affiliate programmes.

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For a no-obligation discussion about your requirements and how we can help, contact us at: enquiries (at)

Common Digital Marketing Acronyms

CTR stands for Click Through Rate - the metric that is the percentage of clicks to a given number of impressions (for example 250 clicks from 1,000 banner advert impressions would be a 25% CTR)
An acronym for Cost Per Mille (Latin for thousand) referring to the price paid for 1,000 impressions or pieces of data (e.g. email addresses). In banner advertising space will often be sold on a CPM basis where you will pay a set price per 1,000 impressions (e.g. £15 CPM)
Earnings Per Click, an analysis metric that shows the revenue generated from each click in a campaign. For example, if a PPC campaign drove 200 clicks to your website and you generated £600 from the campaign then your EPC would be £3. EPC is calculated by dividing revenue by total number of clicks. The higher the EPC the better
An acronym for pay-per-click, the remuneration model where an advertiser only pays when a visitor clicks on an advert, irrespective of the number of impressions. This model allows for good tracking and analysis of ROI
Acronym for ‘Return on Investment’ which is the amount of profit you’ve made from a particular campaign or keyword. Calculated by profit minus advertising spend divided by advertising spend x100. This gives you an ROI percetage figure. Internet marketing is an idea medium to track and manage return on investment
Acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, which is an HTTP address to denote a certain website or web page. The URL is a unique identifier, or address, of a web page on the Internet