On-Page SEO with Screaming Frog

Whether you’ve developed a new website or have inherited an existing site, getting to grips with on-page SEO can be a daunting task. Tools like Screaming Frog can really help with the legwork.


You can download a free version from the Screaming Frog website here and run a scan by entering the domain name and clicking ‘start’. This will then run an assessment of the pages and provide a wealth of information on your site to guide your optimisation efforts.

Basic On-Page Reporting

We will look at a number of the default reports available once you have entered your domain and carried out an initial crawl. You can then get started on fixing issues and making improvements.

  • Internal Links – this first default report shows you your site pages and their status codes. Here you can see which URLs are redirects, which ones are 200 ‘normal’ statuses and any 404 errors to address. Clicking on one of the links will display further information on the lower panel of the page. This include useful information including a word count
  • External Links – this is a great way of quickly seeing if the outbound links and references you have on your site are still working. You can then update or correct them if the destination site has changed
  • Page Titles – the sixth tab shows the URLs and the title tag for each one. It also shows you the character length and pixel width of the title
  • META Description – is self-explanatory, showing the content of your META Description and any pages that don’t have a description or if the description is repeated on another page. It also shows the character and pixel length of your description content. You can consider expanding it to 155-160 characters
  • Headings H1 and H2 – show the content of your lead heading and secondary headings for each page. It also shows the character length of each heading
  • Images – this summarises your website images and includes file size in kilobytes. Identify heavyweight images that could be optimised and also any missing ALT information

Response Time Report

On the right side of the screen you will see a further set of tabs covering an overview of your site reports including Response time. This will show you response times in seconds and the number of URLs that responded within that second-by-second range.

For an excellent comprehensive guide to using Screaming Frog, we recommend reading the following article: https://www.seerinteractive.com/blog/screaming-frog-guide/