Our Favourite Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics is packed with fascinating reports and information on your website users. Your own essential analytics reports will depend on the nature of your business, but our current favourite Google Analytics reports are as follows.

  • Channel Summary – you will find this report under: Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. This gives a quick summary of your default channel groupings. You can quickly see how Organic search, Paid Search, Display, Referrer and Social users make up proportions of your overall traffic. The default report shows user volume, sessions, bounce rate, number of pages visited on average, average duration of the visit and goals/conversions you have set-up
  • Device Type Summary – you will find this report under: Audience > Mobile > Overview. This report provides the same performance metrics as the channel summary above. The difference being that the first column shows the device category with Mobile, Desktop and Tablet split out. Immediately you can see how reliant you are on mobile users to generate traffic (or not). This will help you focus appropriate resources on the mobile experience and mobile search
  • Geographic Location – you will find this report under: Audience > Geo > Location. If you have geographic restrictions on where you can trade or are just curious as to where your traffic comes from this report shows the performance metrics from the above two reports but with Country as the first column. You can click on a country to see a regional breakdown or even drill further down to see city details. This can be very useful if you are doing locally targeted campaigns
  • Landing Page Popularity – you will find this report under: Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages. This report shows your pages ranked by default by user sessions to help identify top content such as most popular product SKU or best performing article. The effectiveness of internal linking can also be seen with the pages-per-visit on your content
  • Completion of Goals – you will find this report under: Conversions > Goals > Overview. You can set a goal as almost any metric – not just transactions or sign-ups. You could define a goal as having spent a certain amount of time-on-site (e.g. over 2-minutes), a percentage of page scroll (e.g. 50% scrolling) or clicking on an outbound link to another website
  • Search Query Motion Chart – you will find this report under: Acquisition > Search Console > Queries. This report shows you your keyword performance and popularity by date range. We really like the motion chart option that you can see by clicking on the circles icon on the right side of the day/week/month tab. You can now see search phrase popularity by days along a timeline such as 1-month to determine when the best days were for individual phrases. Settings allow you to choose metrics such as conversions so you can see which keywords converted over a set period of time