Paid search marketing (often called PPC) should be a vital part of your integrated search marketing strategy. With the ability to change ad positioning and ad-copy almost instantly, PPC is a powerful tool from both a product sales and branding perspective.

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As you build organic search visibility over a period of time, PPC can drive traffic in parallel shouldering the majority of search clicks until you achieve the desired organic positioning. For time-limited promotional campaigns it is an excellent way of quickly achieving visibility on competitive terms to drive calls-to-action. Because you can control when it is active you can also support call-centre availability and order fulfilment team capacity. Or you could be looking to occupy more SERP real-estate combining organic and paid search listings.

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Benefits of Paid Search

  • Time to market – you can very quickly get prominent positioning on highly competitive search term results pages
  • Real estate occupation – more space on the results page for your brand especially with ad extensions increasing the size of you paid advert
  • Scheduling – allows you to limit your advertising to 15-minute time slots and individual days to match your best times for customer/prospect conversion
  • Landing Page selection – you control the landing page not Google’s algorithm
  • Testing – perfect for A/B split testing of website content through weighted ad serving
  • Reach – expand visibility into 3rd party sites through content network advertising
  • Geo-targeting – limiting exposure to your best locations/qualifying territories, perfect for local campaigns and local businesses
  • Damage Control – speed of ad change means you can counter negative PR
  • Remarketing – serves ads on sites after the PPC visit to keep brand/product in mind

Our paid search marketer has been managing PPC accounts since 2002 using major paid-search networks including Google Ads and is currently Google Ads Search Certified, Google Shopping Ads Certified, Google Ads Display Certified and is also a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional.

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What Makes a Good PPC Campaign?

There are many important elements to a good PPC campaign:

  • Keyword selection to drive targeted prospects displaying intention to purchase/join
  • Writing effective ad-copy to entice searchers to click on your advert
  • Identifying a suitable cost-per-acquisition (CPA) threshold to inform your bidding strategy
  • Understanding consumer behaviour to capitalise on peak hours/days for advertising
  • Tracking and refining your campaign on a regular basis to maximise ROI
  • Determining the PPC network to use and the match type most suited to your keyword portfolio

We can work with you to determine how PPC can best serve your business requirements. Whether you are looking for lower conversion costs or visibility alongside competitor listings we can tailor a PPC campaign to meet your needs. To give you visibility of progress we often use Trello for collaborative working. We also encourage regular checkpoint meetings to ensure you are happy with progress.