Quality Score

What is Quality Score? Google define it as an estimate of the quality of ads, keywords and landing pages. Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions. Quality Score is calculated by assessing landing page, click through rate (CTR) and relevance of the ad content.


Why should you be concerned about Quality Score?

The lower you can get your CPC the more clicks you can afford with your PPC budget delivering more prospects. A good Quality Score can reward you with a lower CPC and/or a better ad position. This leaves competitors to pay more for their clicks or appear in a lower ad position.

What are good and bad Quality Scores? A Quality Score of 3 or less is bad, a score of 4 to 6 is average with 7 to 10 being good. Investing time improving average scores to good will have good returns for your cost-per-click.

How can I improve my Quality Score?

You can increase it by combining a good Google Ads account structure and landing page optimisation. Focus your Ad Groups to target specific keyword phrases that match the content of the landing page. Then create ad copy that uses the keyword phrase.

Does your landing page answer the question raised in the ad copy or fulfil the claim it made improving the likelihood of that person signing up, downloading or becoming a customer? Ensure your landing page delivers on the promise of the ad and references the keyword phrase.

The Load time of your landing page is also an important factor – because the more you can reduce it the better for your user experience and Quality Score. Running Google Lighthouse is a good way of identifying optimisation opportunities and prioritise your remediation work.

Test & Learn

As always, test and learn is a great way to understand how to make the most effective improvements to your Google Ads account and landing page.