Website development projects often start and remain within the confines of the IT department and marketing is an after-thought. We can help you ensure your site development project remains customer and marketing focused and that you work effectively with internal teams to get the website you need for an effective consumer experience.

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Marketing should be at the very heart of every web development project. It should ensure that your customers receive the ‘red-carpet treatment’ every time they visit, with attractive designs, value-added content, a high degree of usability and a user experience that leaves them evangelising about your site to their friends and family (viral marketing!).

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We provide a number of services to ensure that marketing remains high on the agenda for your website development project, including:

  • Agency Briefing — we have several years experience of writing and contributing to website development briefs for external agencies both large and small. From freelance graphic designers and programmers to major media agencies we can act as a effective bridge to ensure your brand message and customer-centric vision remains intact
  • Focus Groups and User Feedback — getting essential feedback from prospects, customers and your own staff on what makes a great website experience for them
  • Wireframing — before the coding begins, we can help guide you through the wireframing process to develop the structure and basic look and feel of the website
  • Search Engine Optimisation — with SEO being a fundamental part of your digital marketing strategy, you should be including the SEO team at the earliest stage to ensure you have search friendly code, an optimal URL structure as well as keyword density of copy and the correct tagging of links and images
  • Tracking and Analysis — whether it’s the inclusion of off-the-shelf analytical code, server configuration or the development of bespoke tracking and data analysis reporting we can ensure that you have access to the information you need whenever you need it

In addition to marketing consultation with your website development project we can also manage end-to-end site development from domain selection to delivery and ongoing development and management.

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